About Manado


As the capital of the North Sulawesi province, Manado is being Sulawesi’s second largest city. Located on the northern end of Indonesia’s island of Sulawesi, the flight time is only 3 hours 20 minutes with many options of frequent flights.

The city of past colonial mosaic with Dutch influenced buildings, there-in lies its alluring beauty to those who like to visit exciting destinations, the natural light at the most unique authentic culture. This city is one of a kind in Indonesia with its stunning underwater landscape & great mountain panorama and mouth-watering cuisine.

Famous as the “Land of Waving Coconut Palms” (Bumi Nyiur Malambai), Manado is the city of the friendliest and inquisitive people you would ever meet. The unique language of the smiling people!

Manado climate is tropical and has a significant amount of rainfall during the year. September is the most warmest month of the year. With the temperature 27° C, you can expect pleasant day. The clothing recommended for outdoor purpose during this weather is light and thin clothing. Casual dress is acceptable for most situations but some establishments may require a more formal dress code.

Nationals of 167 countries and 2 special regions can get a free 30-day non extendable visa. This 30 day free visa cannot be used for journalism. It is not extendable and you cannot convert the visa into a different visa. Visitors from these 169 countries can both enter & exit through 29 airports, 88 harbours and 7 land borders.

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Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the monetary unit in Indonesia. Notes come in denominations of IDR 100.000, IDR 50.000, IDR 20.000, IDR 10.000, IDR 5.000, IDR 2.000. Foreign currency and traveler’s cheques can be converted into Rupiah at authorized money changers or banks, however some banks do not have foreign exchange dealing on Saturdays. The exchange rate is subjected to market fluctuations approximately IDR. 14.000-15.000. Passports are required when cashing in travelers’ cheques. A nominal commissions may be charged. Many places accept credit card such as Visa and Master however we strongly advice. ATMs are everywhere, which may connects to international banking networks, so you can withdraw cash in Rupiah from your home account. Look for those affiliated with your own ATM network, noted by signage on your card and the compatible ATM.

Electricity voltage is 220 voltage. There are two mobile phone networks: GSM & Internet Mobile. To make international calls, the access codes is +62 and Manado access code is +431

Most larger hotels and restaurants automatically add government tax and service charge of up to 21 percent to the bill. Tipping is unusual and you are not compelled to tip. However, if you like the service a tip 10-15 percent is appreciated. Carry small change with you as taxi drivers often have none. Airport or hotels porters expect tip per bag depending on the size and weight.

Reconfirm your airline reservation 24 hours prior to departure. Not all international airlines require confirmation, but check your flight. Indonesian carriers frequently overbook due to peak seasons. Make sure you get the computer print-out from the airline office/travel agent that says you have seat. Seat assignments can not always be arranged in advanced. Arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure. An international departure tax is required in Rupiah as well as departure tax for domestic destination. Residents pay an additional fiscal tax.

Around Manado

Manado is Diving!
The Bunaken Sea Garden is very well known around the world as one of the most beautiful sea gardens in the world also its popular with Wall Diving. Bangka and Gangga is a perfect places for a visit for honeymoon at the white sandy beach. Lembeh Strait offer its unique diving for small creatures like pygmy seahorse, octopus, pipefish, Nudibrances, Cuttle fish, frogfish and still a lot of more you can imagine. All divers dreams are available here. That is a present from mother nature.

Mount Mahawu
Mahawu Mountain is a volcano that settled near to other famous mountains, which is Lokon and Empung.

Linow Lake
One of the leading tourist destinations of this area is Lake Linow, a beautiful lake which showing the beauty of 3 colors lake

Tinoor Waterfall
One of the most beautiful and rarely visited waterfall. The unforgettable place with four waterfalls surrounded by forest

Lihaga Island
Lihaga Island in Manado is one of the most beautiful Island in North Sulawesi. Beautiful white sandy beach with blue water

Extreme Market
The Tomohon Market in the mountains of North Sulawesi, is a traditional market known for selling entirely different types of meat

Chinese Temple
The beautifully designed Ban Hin Kiong Temple is 335 years old and is the oldest Chinese temple

Tagkoko Park
A popular trip from North Sulawesi is to the Tangkoko National Park, home of the world’s smallest primate, the tarsier.

Timbukar Rafting
Nimanga River, which is located in the village of Timbukar, District Sonder, Minahasa regency of North Sulawesi (Sulawesi)

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