To emphasize the importance of this essential part of its PIT IKA X-ASPR XV Manado will organize intractable two full days, which consist of scientific lectures, case studies and/or hands-on special design courses, as its pre symposium workshop programs. The Pre-Symposium Workshop program will be held on Saturday-Sunday, 07-08 September 2019. See detail schedule.

Call for Paper

To emphasize the scientific value of PIT IKA X-ASPR XV Manado, the Organizing Committee will cordially call the Participants to contribute in the clinical development of Child Healthcare, and have their presentation of research studies related to this exciting field.

Best Pediatric Research Presentation

For those who are willing to share his results of original research scholarly article in full paper, Best Research Presentations are also available to enhance the scientific value of PIT IKA X – ASPR XV 2019.

Exhibition Gallery

PIT IKA X-ASPR Manado will host a scientific exhibition on Monday-Wednesday, 09 – 11 September 2019 including the latest technology, equipment for clinical management & research and literature.

Meet the Experts

An one hour morning get-togethers meetings provide a productive forum of particular child healthcare issue by focusing in active interaction between panelists and participants to ensure the most advantages of the scientific session, making lasting connections within colleagues and participants who encounter similar issues and get benefit of early risers.

Lunch Symposium & Breakthrough Symposia

Facing the imminent challenges, Lunch Symposium & Breakthrough Symposia are an opportunity to share the latest innovation in child healthcare. A total 50 minutes presentation & Q&A will be concluded in this sessions, offering Participants the favorable time to enter into discussion with the experts.

Welcome Dinner (Grand Opening)

A welcome dinner is great evening for all participants to meet and keep the timeline loose for a low-pressure vibe the night before the conference on Sunday, 08 September 2019 evening at Manado Grand Palace. The official grand opening of PIT IKA X – ASPR XV Manado 2019 will be held together in this reception. It’s included in Registration Fee.

Cultural Fest Gala Dinner

The PIT IKA X-ASPR XV Manado has set up Cultural Fest Gala Dinner for all Registrants on Tuesday, 10 September 2019 evening. It will be a significant opportunity for participants to meet and renew old acquaintances or establish special links. It’s included in Registration Fee.

PIT Manado Fiesta 2019

To enliven our togetherness, PIT IKA X-ASPR XV Manado plan a fun and diverse Social Event Programs as part of PIT X –ASPR XV Manado Fiesta 2019 from 08 – 10 September 2019 with a wide range of activities such as Badminton & Photograph competition; and Fun Run, and surely will drive to raise levels of all Participants.

Premium Photo Lounge

The unique breakthrough to immerse Participants with the special photo session feed by Life in 360° for memorable Annual Meeting ever.

Manado Culinary Fest & Exhibition

The PIT IKA X-ASPR XV Manado Organizing Committee personally host 3 Days-Round Manado Culinary Fest in Exhibition Gallery for all Participants to taste the most authentic and fine selection of Manadonese cuisine experiences and to satisfying every flavor of exotic Manadonese cuisine for local culinary hunter.

Official Language

The official languages of the PIT IKA X – ASPR XV is in English only. English will be used for all printed materials, presentation along with overseas speakers and discussions. Simultaneous translation will not be provided.


Every attempt will be made to present the program as printed. However, Organizers and its agent reserve the right to alter or cancel, without prior notice, any of the arrangements, time tables, plans or other items relating directly or indirectly to the Scientific Meeting, for any cause beyond its reasonable control.


© Copyright - PITIKA MANADO 2019 - Indonesia.