PIT IKA X – ASPR XV Manado 2019 has a wide spectrum of workshop programmes as the Pre-PIT IKA X – AS PR XV Manado 20149 to covering child health topics in continuing program development of Pediatricians and healthcare alliances.

Due to creating the new breed skilled manpower and enhancing the learning process through suite of its expertise and resources, please find the fruitful Workshop Programs.


PARIS ROOM – GKCC NOVOTELMalaria and Other Major Parasites Diseases Problems and Its Solutions: Clinical Case ManagementManaging TORCH-ES Infection in Daily Practice
SYDNEY ROOM – GKCC NOVOTELComprehensive Approach of Airway Obstruction in ChildrenCurrent Updates of TB Management in Children
SINGAPORE ROOM – GKCC NOVOTELBasic Ultrasound for Pediatrician
Day-1: Basic Normal Ultrasound
Basic Ultrasound for Pediatrician
Day-2: Abnormal Findings and Case Simulation
WASABI ROOM – GKCC NOVOTELMedical WritingMedical Writing
MALEOSAN 1 – SWISS BELHOTEL 2nd FLEndocrine Emergencies and Quality of Life
Day 1: Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Perimenarcheal Bleeding
Emergencies in Pediatric Endocrinology
Day 2: Glycemic Disorders and Electrolyte Disturbances
MALEOSAN 2 – SWISS BELHOTEL 2nd FLPediatric Disaster Management Course More Understanding in the Management of GI Motility Problem & Hepatitis in Pediatric
MALEOSAN 3 – SWISS BELHOTEL 2nd FLWhat’s New in Breastfeeding?What’s New in Breastfeeding?
MALEOSAN 4 – SWISS BELHOTEL 2nd FLNewborn Screening Workshop Newborn Screening Workshop
TONDANO ROOM – SWISS BELHOTEL GFUnderstanding & Managing Heart Failure Pediatric Echocardiography for Practitioners


Continuing the success of the 7 APSID Schools since 2015, APSID will organize the 2019 APSID Autumn School, which is held in conjunction with the Joint 10th Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Pediatric Society (PIT IKA X) and 15th Congress of Asian Society of Pediatric Research (ASPR XV) &) at GKCC Manado-Indonesia.
The APSID Autumn School will be held on 07-08 September 2019 as a pre-congress workshop. The APSID Sessions, consisting of 2 symposia, runs alongside with the PIT IKA X – ASPR XV Manado 2019 main conference on 09-10 September 2019.

Application and Submission Guide for APSID School
Category of Participant
There are two categories of participants:
1. Case Presenters (Active Participants)

  • Active Participants are required to contribute to the Scientific Programme by preparing a case presentation.
  • The format of oral case presentation will be selected by the Scientific Committee, based on the merit of abstract.
  • Not elected abstracts will be referred to Poster Presentation and will be treated as Normal Registration (Point 2).
  • Travel grants to cover free registration of APSID Autumn School and accommodation (4 nights, check in on 6th September and check out 10th September 2019) and return airfare will be awarded to successful applicants.

2. Normal Participants

  • Participants are welcome to participate in the APSID School and should pay for the registration formality for this Workshop
  • Travel grant will not be provided.

Active Participant Requirements
Apply for APSID membership at, which is required to pay the APSID Membership fee.

Guidelines for Abstract Case Preparation

  • Only online submission will be accepted.
  • A concise description of a clinical case with no more than 400 words (clinical presentation, examination, diagnostic testing, differential diagnosis, management etc.).
  • The tittle of the case should not give away the diagnosis.
  • One table or figure is allowed in the abstract.
  • The applicant should identify up to 3 key learning issues which must be stated in the abstract submission form.
  • The Application form must be FULLY completed for successful acceptance of your abstract.
  • The deadline for case abstract submission to the APSID Autumn School is 20 June 2019.
  • Successful applicants will be assigned a member of the Faculty who will be your adviser for your case presentation, before the APSID Autumn School. Your adviser will communicate with you via e-mail to discuss your case.
  • Oral presenters will be given 15 minutes for their case presentation. 10 minutes will be allocated for case presentation and 5 minutes for discussion with the Faculty and the audience.
  • Poster presentation will be given during the ‘Poster Walk’, where delegates present their case in front of a pair of Faculty and other delegates.
  • Further information on the format of presentation will be provided after your application is accepted.

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